Family Style Dinner Starting at $60

Each platter serves 4 and comes with a house salad.
*Takeout Only / Delivery within a 3 mile radius

Aji de Gallina $65

Peruvian chicken stew, inaslightly spicy creamy
sauce made from ajiamarillo peppers, topped
with a hard-boiledegg, served with rice.
Each extra serving $10.5

Arroz con pollo $65

“Rice & Chicken”simmered in cilantro, herbs
and vegetables.
Each extra serving $12

Chaufa $60

Chicken+$8 Steak+$12 Seafood+$16
Stir-fried rice or quinoa, spring onions,
scrambled eggs, red peppers, beans prouts, and
soy sauce.
Each extra serving $9

Pescado alo Macho $79

Pan seared fish of the day, topped with
calamari, shrimp, mussels, ajipanca seafood
sauce and white rice.
Each extra serving $15

Ceviche Classico $53

Fish marinated in leche de tigre, lime juice,
cancha, corn, onions and sweet potato.
Each extra serving $10


Steak $70 Chicken $60
Your choice of protein stir-fry with red
onions, tomato wedges, our signature
oyster and soy sauce, served with rice &
Each extra steak serving $13.50
Each extra chicken serving $12

Inca Chicken $60

Grilled chicken served with stir-fried quinoa
with spring onion, red peppers, bean
sprouts and soy sauce.
Each extra serving $11.5


Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 9pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm – 11pm


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(571) 312-7664 |  1776 Wilson Blvd